V.P. Contingency Final Tally

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V.P. Contingency Final Tally

Unread post by thomasland » Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:58 am

With the completion of Sundays races, I have compiled the final payouts for the 2010 season. V.P. Racing Fuels Canada and AMS Engines would like to thank everyone who participated this season. We nearly doubled the drivers participating, and we did double the payouts from last year sitting at $1250.00 total for this season! =D> I would also like to add that there were 10 eligible drivers that went to the quarter finals in Box/No Box; one round away from getting even more payouts; that could've been another $250.00+ dollars!!! #-o

With two seasons now under our belts; we are looking at making the program even bigger and better for the 2010 season. Ultimately giving MORE back and continue helping your pockets! We are very proud to be uniquely involved in a local contingency program with no prejudice. Whether your an AMS customer or not, you can be part of the V.P. Racing Contingency program. :)

To view the final stats; please use this link: www.amsengines.com and click on the 'VP Buck' on the right hand side.

If I have missed something on the payouts; please call me at the shop before the end of October 2009 to correct it. I have ALL the final race by race results of Top E., NASSA, Box, No-Box, & Jr's at my finger tips; so any issue's can be resolved immediately.

Thank you to all involved; and here's to an even better 2010 season!

Jayson Thomas
AMS Engines Ltd

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